Lipo Beauty Thee

The 100% organic tea from Lipo Beauty has an effective slimming effect. The unique composition of this tea reduces your appetite for sweets, it drives off all excess fluid and stimulates digestion and the breakdown of fats in your body.

Pinar, founder and inspirer of Lipo Beauty, has searched for all the best elements there is to create a natural and healthy tea that ensures that you can lose those last few pounds and feel better about yourself.

With this monthly treatment you will achieve the best results for this summer with just one cup of tea a week. Combine all the best of green tea, goji berry, lemon leaf and many other superfoods in one simple tea!

Lipo Beauty Post-treatment course

After the cryolipolysis treatment, we recommend starting with Lipo Beauty’s patented detox treatment .

The post-treatment set contains organic apple cider vinegar, bicarbonate, scrub salt and a scrub brush. This combination increases the breakdown of fats and enhances the effects of the cryolipolysis treatment to achieve the very best results!

Price: €15

Free with the purchase of UltraSlim Anti-cellulite cream.

Cryolipolysis treatment
Cryolipolysis treatment

Ultra Slim Anti Cellulite Cream

This powerful anti-cellulite cream stimulates the breakdown of fats and promotes lymphatic drainage by increasing the natural removal of triglycerides. Collagen production provides a firming effect on the skin. The Cel-EMX™ system with menthol and lactic acid penetrates deep into the skin with amazing results!
Suitable for all skin types.

Price: €55

When you buy the anti-cellulite cream you will receive the after-treatment course worth €15 completely free!

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